A company is not a paper

A company is not a paper

Some time ago, I was talking with a co-worker, one topic led to another and we ended up discussing what it is that makes a company a company.

It is a subject in which everyone can have their point of view, going from the legal to the cultural, as characteristics that can have an impact on the essence of a company.

But the truth is that this question of what is a company for me, is one of the things you must define, since it will depend on the way and the decisions you will make in the future as founder, CEO or employee.

Something clear to me: A company is people

I think that is one of the phrases that I took most of that conversation. Unlike what many may think, a company is not defined by what a contract says; A company is defined by the people who work and believe in it.

As a co-founder of Regos Dev Studio, every day I learn a little more about the difference between what a paper says and what is actually done by a “something” in which we work. The basic idea is that we must work as a team, find the way for each and every one of the members of that “something” to push towards the same side.

I truly believe that if everyone works together, little by little, that “something” will become a company, a pleasant place, an objective for which everyone can fight together.

I hope that this article ~rather an opinion~ will be of help.

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