A new idea? Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority

A new idea? Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority


All of us have faced the situation where we have a lot of tasks or projects to do but suddenly a new one appears in our mind and takes the number one on our list.

When that happens we tend to feel that the new thing is priority number one and we have to postpone everything else. Well, it’s not a priority, it’s enthusiasm.

It can happen to everyone at any moment. It’s like part of our nature to prioritize based on our feelings and interests. Even the big software companies are affected by this phenomenon.

Is there any way to avoid it? Well, we have some tips on not falling into the trap.

Let things cold down a bit

A new idea or a new project is fascinating for a lot of people. In the software development industry that something that excites the teams because of the opportunity to get big.

Unfortunately, an exciting idea cannot be the best one in some cases. Maybe the market isn’t good enough or there is a lot of competition.

The general recommendation is to cold down and not to start immediately. There are more things that you need to do before starting to build. Maybe you are asking how many time should you wait? A couple of days or a week is good enough to rethink the idea and decide if it’s worth it.

Research about it

As you are letting things calm down in your mind, in the meantime you can do some research about your idea. In these days the chance to come up with something completely new is hard and probably there will be other products similar in the market.

Search, try and takes notes. If your idea is good enough you’ll have some homework completed, if not, at least you’ll know more about the topic.

Discuss with your team

A common person will see the things from a single perspective. In this stage what you want is input from different points of view.

Talk with your team. Get more insights out of that talks and complement your initial idea. You know what people say: two heads think better than one.

If after these steps you still see your new idea as a top priority, then awesome! Let’s do this.

If that’s not the case maybe you just have to wait for something to improve your idea, pivot it or think in something else. Maybe your great idea will pop up the next week.

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