Atlassian Marketplace: Some tips for making your add-on

Atlassian Marketplace: Some tips for making your add-on

Add-on development for platforms that have a Marketplace is becoming popular with at time. While developing Votes and Recognitions for Confluence, we have noticed the advantages that this kind of market offers, in there we can find:

  • No need to worry about an audience, since the platform itself provides a potential market.
  • Large platforms, like Atlassian, provide good tools to ease the add-on development.
  • There is a community that will help you with any question you have during development. Also, people in the organization will give you a hand.

Additionally, Atlassian provides a Node.js based framework, which speeds up the add-on development in the beginning.

Even with this advantages, it’s normal that in the beginning, you’ll have a lot of questions. To try to solve that, I recommend reading these points.


Documentation is always a tabu while talking about software development, and add-ons are not the exception. Maintain doc up to date is a complex task, but Atlassian provides good alternatives for add-ons development.

Since Jira is the rockstar of the company and has a great documentation, the first link you should visit is this one: 

Sometimes static documentation is not enough, and then forums become a vital resource. Atlassian also has a couple of forums where you’ll find great support: the first one concentrates on and the other one is

Framework development

As I said, Atlassian provides a Node.js based framework that will help to bootstrap the add-on.

You can use it with the tool mentioned in the documentation, and also find the code base on the I recommend the version 2.x.

Don’t forget to update this framework! At the end of the day, it’s just a npm module that is updated constantly to deal with security and performance issues.

It’s also important for you to understand it and not just use it. The more you know about it, the more you can do with.

Read the documentation for Server and Cloud

As you may know, Atlassian offers Jira and Confluence in two version: Cloud and Self-hosted (also known as Server). I’ve personally found a lot of interesting things that can be done on both platforms but that is only documented for Server!

So the next time you look for something, take a look to the self-hosted version.

Choose wisely the tech stack

On the backend side, it’s easy; the framework makes you stick with Node.js. However, on the frontend side, there are a lot of possibilities, going from vanilla JavaScript to React and Angular.

The thing is that you can use whatever you want, but you should know that if you go with React, you’ll have a small advantage because Atlassian

Take a look at the guidelines!

An add-on is different than a standalone app, and Atlassian is more strict with the UI of add-ons. They took the time to provide good resources that will help you with your app’s design so that the add-on looks like part of the native app.

Take a look at this link

Overall, the platform gives a lot of help for developers and it’s a matter of time to understand it and make a mental map of everything.

I hope this post helps you. If you have any other tip please share it in the comment box.

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