Do you have many things to do every day? I have some advice for you.

Do you have many things to do every day? I have some advice for you.

If you are the same type of person that I am, surely you have already noticed that every day you have a good amount of things to do; naturally, you can not attend to them all at the same time or on a daily basis.

This has become a common problem for me, and I have learned to live with step by step. But let me tell you something: I have some tips so you can attend them all in the best way possible.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

Surely you have heard this before, but I will tell you that it is vitally important that you have organized and prioritized things to do, so that you know perfectly what is next to do in your list. It does not matter whether you have to deliver that new function in project X or whether you have to create the tasks for the next sprint of project Y; what matters for you is to be conscious about that project X is more important.

For this I recommend that you have written down in a notebook the TO-DO list, so that you can cross them tasks, make notes, put arrows, and so on. The idea is that you feel that those tasks really represent something. To be honest, I do not recommend digital tools to carry your list of tasks, since we tend to easily forget about that type of “notes”.

Once you have written down those things to do, it’s time to devote a little time to see which are more important than others. Some criteria that will help you are:

  • Delivery time. If you have to deliver something for today, it will surely go up.
  • Task dependency. If other tasks on your list or, worse still, other people’s tasks depend on what you have to do, go to the top.
  • Perception of other people. If you are like me, some of your tasks will be things that involve other people. Evaluate your current position with that person and decide if the task can wait a little longer or not.
  • Personal satisfaction. Regardless of whether you prefer to make things difficult or easy first, it is definitely a factor to take into account when you are prioritizing.

Limit the time you spend on a task

Unlike popular belief, dedicating a large amount of time to the same task to “finish it now and forget for a while” has resulted in a counterproductive effect; you end up doing fewer things than you should.

It is important to dedicate enough time and fulfill your responsibilities, however you must avoid at all costs to stuck yourself with a single task. For this you can use the already famous and trite pomodoro, that as burned it seems to be, it’s really effective when you do not want to spend your time.

Divide and win

We already talked about prioritizing, the same importance has knowing what you are going to prioritize.

Do your future self a favor, sit down for at least 10 or 15 minutes and divide your tasks as much as you can, so that you really produce something by doing them, but do not feel that you are building a house with each of them. You will see that when you finish those mini-tasks you will feel satisfied and you will give yourself the feeling of progressing.

Finally, my friend, learn to say no

This was one of the things that cost me the most, but it is possibly the most valuable.

Regardless of whether you apply these tips or not, if you continue saying always “yes” to everyone, you will end up with something much bigger than you can handle. It is important that you know your limits and determine the moment in which you should begin to say “no” to certain things; if you do not, you will end up disappointing people, and you can not afford that.

I really hope that this article will be of great help to you. If you have any other advice that you want to share, do not forget to leave it in the comments box.

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