Get customer feedback in Confluence

Get customer feedback in Confluence

When you are developing a new product, there is something that is impossible to ignore: users’ feedback.

People say that listening to your users will guide you to build an awesome and desirable product. In our case that has been a reality and every time a user comes with some feedback or request, we listen carefully, try to attend the request and make everyone happy.

Of course, as your product becomes bigger, those requests or feedback also grow. That’s the point where you should think about tools to help you with that task.

Confluence is your friend

A good point to start is to set up a tool to maintain documentation. As your users request grow, it won’t be easy to track all of those changes in your mind. You’ll need a place to write them down, elaborate and develop the idea.

Some people use Google Docs or Microsoft Word. That’s perfect, and I’ve personally used those products (and continue using them for personal data). The key point is that those tools are not specialized for documentation.

On the other hand, Confluence is focused on documentation for teams. It has a lot of capabilities that will help you with the development of new features and ideas. As it’s incredibly flexible, the sky if the limit.

Let’s power up your Confluence

In case you decided to use Confluence, a new world of possibilities will be there for you. You can extend your Confluence with add-ons installable directly from the Atlassian Marketplace. There are a lot of options designed for a variety of needs of Confluence users, but let’s concentrate on users feedback.

As we were facing the problem of the growing requests, we decided to create Regos Forms for Confluence a tool to create forms directly in Confluence by using macros and provide the ability to capture users responses for those forms.

The workflow is very simple:

  • The first step is to set up the form. For that, you simply need to insert the form’s macro in a Confluence page, set a title and the questions for that form.
  • Once your form is ready, you can publish the page and distribute it with the people you want to receive feedback from.
  • Every time you receive a new response you’ll receive a notification and will be able to check the form status regarding the responses.

As you can see, capture and track users feedback in Confluence is quite simple. We are constantly adding features to the add-on and enhancing the scope based completely on users requests. If you want to try out this combination, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Regos Dev Studio is a product development company that builds add-ons for Jira, Confluence, and LiveChat, combined with the development of custom solutions in a variety of languages.

Don’t forget to check out our website, visit our Atlassian marketplace listing and our apps for LiveChat. You can also follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for updates!

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