Launch now!

Launch now!

Some of us are stuck in a situation that doesn’t make us happy: the product is never good enough to go to the market. Or at least that’s what we think.

The reality is that a lot of products are “good to go” sooner than we imagine, but the creator is the only one who is not comfortable with it, so he/she continues adding features before launching the product. We don’t need to tell you what’s going to happen with that product. It will never see the light.

Most of the cases the delay in the first release is caused by fear. Fear to don’t provide a good product, to don’t fulfill the users’ expectations or even your own team’s expectations.

Here are some techniques to help you avoid that barrier and go live!

Show your product to others

The best thing that you can do to increase the confidence about how good is your product is simply to show it to others.

I know that expose your creation is hard in the beginning, but definitely is a step in the right direction.

  • You’ll get feedback to continue improving your product in future iterations.
  • You’ll meet potential users and probably future clients.
  • In the case that your product doesn’t fulfill the user requirements, you’ll have the chance to pivot and adjust to the market.

As it’s something that needs practice (talk to users is an ability that you’ll need to develop) we recommend to start with friends, colleagues and scale step by step to people away from your circle.

Use your own product

The best way to know if your product will be usable for final users is to use it yourself. If not, how are you pretending to sell something that’s not useful for you?

By using our products we’ve identified the main features to develop, bugs and UI issues. Be careful and don’t over-protect your product; act as a normal user and try to detect those areas that need improvements.

Do benchmark

Believe it or not, your product may be much better than others in the market. By doing the research you can compare your product with the competitors and analyze your killer features; those that will make your product unique and desirable.

Once you realize how good is your product it’ll be easier for you to make it public.

So please stop thinking and overworking your product and launch it! At the end of the day, the worst thing that can happen is to learn out of this experience.

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