Our first impressions about InVision Studio

Our first impressions about InVision Studio

These days we have been working on our new add-on for Jira (wait for it in the first quarter!) and we wanted to try something fresh for design so we decided to give a chance to InVision Studio. These are our first impressions.

Fast and responsive, just as expected

Sometimes before I personally tried the web version of InVision. To be honest, I didn’t get impressed by the performance. Even at some points seemed that my laptop was going to launch. With InVision Studio it’s quite different.

The performance of the app is really good and feels fast while working in the project. Even with a couple of projects opened there is no problem with performance. The compatibility with files created in Sketch is a good feature and works without problems.

The component manager

When your project grows, it’s common that you identify components that can be reused. InVision Studio also provides a mechanism to create and manage components. The ability to include them by drag and drop, edit the master component and detach from it to edit individually provides a lot of flexibility while working this way.

Obviously, components are optional and working just with layers and grouped elements is an option supported in the app. Well done.


One of the things we loved the most is how you can play with events and transitions. Definitively it makes takes design closer to the reality and it’s great to share with the team something that looks and behaves similarly to the final result.

So far we’ve played with simple events and transitions, but InVision offers a good set of options to play around.

Sync with the Cloud

The desktop app is great to work in your next big project, but the web version has other features for sharing and collaboration. The good thing is that everything you do can be synchronized with your InVision account and uploaded to the cloud. What more do you need?

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