The importance of recognitions

The importance of recognitions

In these days where there is more and more competition to get the best developers, a good culture in a company is vital to get into the fight. One of the most important factors in the culture that can decant that in your favor are the Recognitions.

Why ?

How many times have we worked in a company and given an extra effort to do our best work or help a teammate, and we have not received a thank you? That feeling is one of the worst that a collaborator can feel, since his perception is that his efforts are not recognized and in the long run it can be a cause of loss of motivation.

One of the simplest ways to avoid this problem is by simply congratulating or giving a public token of gratitude towards that person. And we are not only talking about bosses’ recognitions, but also of the teammates with whom we work daily.


The first benefit is the clearest, the recognized people feel their work is good, they add value to the company and their teammates are comfortable working with them.

The second benefit is at the business level, having your employees recognized contributes a lot to the productivity of the company, since the effort is recognized.

And last but not least, a company can know how their values ​​are being lived through these acknowledgments. For example, to know whether in the work teams are good leaders, or wheter is commitment, or any value that is core in the company.

How – The Regos’ way ?

There are many ways to give recognition, the most basic is simply getting out of your chair and congratulate or please your desktop partner. The disadvantage of doing that is that it is an individual recognition. The recognized will feel valued, but this action will not take advantage of all the data that this simple recognition can bring to the company or other colleagues.

In Regos we found the need of tracking all these recognitions to analyze all the behaviors. We found that the most advisable way to give and receive these acknowledgments should be a digital tool, and integrated with the platform that we use daily, in our case Atlassian Confluence.

Recognitions for Confluence Cloud

Due to those needs, at Regos we decided to create an add-on for Atlassian Confluence and start using it. We called it Recognitions for Confluence.

In the add-on we are able to add our core values and set up some reviewers to review the recognitions before being posted in order to ensure that they fit our core values. After that, all of our team mates are able to post or see their own recognitions. The Recognitions’ administrator can look at the reports to see what is going on and take actions based on that.

An screenshot of how we create a recognition on our add-on:

And how our team mates see the whole team recognitions:

If you want more information about the services we do, please contact us at: or visit our web at Regos Dev Studio.

Cheers !

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