Tips for your first project in a software development team

Tips for your first project in a software development team

Starting to work in a team is hard for some of us. In the beginning, we are (badly) used to work alone and to know everything about the project we are working on (basically because we built it completely).

So if it’s the first time you’ll work on a project with other people, please take these tips in the count before you start.

Communication is the key

One thing that we’ve learned with the time is that your perspective is your reality. The same rule applies to a team. When your team is new or you are the new guy in a team, it’s important that others have enough information about the work you are doing so that they can build a perspective. The easiest way to achieve that is with communication.

The importance of daily standups comes from that fact. To know what others are doing or what’s blocking them is crucial to keep the project going.

Apart from the daily standups, keep in mind that jokes and random topics are a good way to make the relationship stronger. Healthy communication and relationship between the team members promote great quality work.

Don’t over organize the project

Trello, Jira, Asana, et al are great tools to organize the tasks in a project. Those platforms help you to have a complete view of what’s going on within the project. the problem comes when we are obsessed with that.

It’s true that we need to know who is working on that in order to avoid duplicated efforts and keep control over the project status. It’s true also that we are going to spend time organizing all those tasks. And it’s even more real that we won’t get paid for organizing projects (unless that’s your actual job).

So take it easy and organize just enough to keep track of the tasks and have information about the actual ticket, but don’t waste your entire day (or week) doing it.

Delivery and DEMOs

Personally, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that doesn’t matter if you build an awesome product or project; if you don’t publish it, it doesn’t exist.

Get used to doing DEMOs of your project periodically so that you can get feedback and that your project gets known by more people. When your project is in a good shape, release the first version and let people use it.

The same goes if you are just a team member of a project. Share your work with your teammates, schedule internal DEMOs and listen for the feedback, that’s the only way the project/product will grow.

We hope these tips help you with this new venture in a team! If you have any more tips, please share it in the comment box below.

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