Value first, the key before selling your product or service

Value first, the key before selling your product or service

When we are developing our business, we commonly tend to think about the core idea, aggregates and the payment model. In the beginning, it works well because the mindset of producing an MVP first and then iterate has been distributed in the entrepreneurship model.

Unfortunately, sometimes our products or services don’t have as much traction as we would like them to. A lot of times it doesn’t depend on the quality or the desirability of what we offer. It simply depends on the value that we are offering to our clients.

As for today, the main marketing strategy is to invest in Ads for social networks or search engines. There is nothing bad with it, as has proven to be a good source of traffic, but it’s not enough to get clients and retain them. We should shift our strategies and think about the value that we offer with our service and create a strategy that revolves around that concept.

How can we do it?

  • Content generation: The more content that you generate to help your clients, the more they’ll find a reason to be with you. It’s about providing something useful, not just sales.
  • Development centered on value: Prioritize your features based on what gives value to the users, not in what you can charge more for it.
  • Provide high-quality customer support: We all love to be listened and wait for a response as soon as possible. There is no reason for that bug to be in the backlog for 2 months…
  • Shift your marketing campaigns to offer more value instead of just try to sell. Try to include articles or information that can be useful for your clients, instead of just a discount code to buy even more.

We have recently changed our marketing strategy to fit this idea and we are getting good results out of it. I hope this to be useful for you and work well in your business model. Please share in the comments below if you know any other strategy to give value and benefit out of it.

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