What’s new in Regos Team Status 1.0.2?

What’s new in Regos Team Status 1.0.2?

Hello everyone! We’ve just released version 1.0.2 of Regos Team Status and wanted to share with you the new features included in this release.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Presence in avatars for stand-up summary

Starting on this version you will see a presence indicator next to the user avatar in the stand-up summary screen. With this indicator, you will know easily when a user already sent the status or when you are seeing a provisional auto-generated status.

Provisional status for cross-projects

In the last release we introduced the ability to include Jira issues from other projects in your stand-ups. This time we enhanced that feature by generating provisional status taking in count the Jira issues from those external projects (cross-projects).

From now on you will have a complete overview of the work being done by a person if you opt-in and enable that feature from the project settings screen.

Navigation enhancements

As for today there was a bug in the app that prevented the users to copy the current URL in the browser and share a link to a particular stand-up. We have included a fix for it in this release.

Status submission enhancements

From time to time, and for different reasons) a team can have Jira issues named the same. To solve that problem we did some enhancements to help you distinct a Jira issue while submitting the status.

And that’s it for now, we hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements. As always, any feedback is appreciated!

If you haven’t done yet, try Regos Team Status for free in the Atlassian Marketplace!

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