When to use solution articles for support

When to use solution articles for support

Customer support is a complete topic to talk about for any product in the market. If your product is growing, sooner rather than later you’ll need a support team in order to work with all those clients.

To manage a support team can be challenging in terms of knowledge and communication, so here are some good cases so that you can make the decision to start using a knowledge base.

Onboard new agents

Join new members to your team can be hard and it may take some time for them to start being productive. It’s completely normal and expected.

However, when we are talking about customer support teams, a good workaround can be to provide them with a complete knowledge base, so that new members can start attending simple or common requests just with the help of “live” documentation.

This will distribute the work between the team members and at the time the new members will get involved in the product knowledge.

Documentation being updated constantly

When a product is in the early stages, it’s common that the “how to” of some features changes constantly. Keep a support team updated can be challenging because it requires a lot of communication effort.

Even when we encourage teams to be in constant communication about breaking changes in the product, we also understand that that’s not possible 100% of the time, so a good knowledge base can help agents for those requests that will come in the near future.

Too many requests for common questions

Account management, billing, privacy, and security are common topics that the users will ask about regularly. The questions related to these topics can be very complicated or extremely easy; so easy that can be read by the users themselves.

A knowledge base can help you to maintain those topics updated and create a public repository of FAQ for your users. This way your team can concentrate on more specific questions.

We hope these use cases help you to make the decision and start using a solution articles manager or knowledge base for your team. In case you are using Jira, we recommend Solution Articles for Jira Service Desk, an easy to use add-on that will enhance the support quality and unblock your agents.

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