Why recognition matters

Why recognition matters

We can say that a team is like a machine where every part is doing a job to keep the entire thing moving.

In the software industry, for instance, sales and marketing could get feedback from the final users, product people define something awesome and new to include in the app, then the developers build those new features, the QA team tests them to make sure nothing breaks and the operations team spins up all the infrastructure required to publish the changes, make users happy and complete the cycle.

Sounds great, right? but what happens if some parts of the machine one day don’t feel happy or motivated? probably the development team will need more time to build simple features, or the QA team won’t check all the app and some bugs will reach the final users. That doesn’t sound so great… what can we do to avoid that?

The answer is simple: recognize and motivate people.

A motivated team performs much better than one that is not. Have you had the feeling of being excited before a competition? that feeling that makes your imagination fly and puts you towards the final line? Now imagine all that motivation in each person in a team; the result would be great.

Probably the next natural question is: how can I motivate my team? well, I have some points that can help you with that.

Public recognition

Public recognition is basically when you, as a team member, stand up in front of your team and say something like “hey team, I want to recognize <name> for <something she/he made for you>”. I don’t know if you have been the person receiving the mention, but the feeling is great and after that all, the team knows that they can trust you for that thing that you made for the “recognizer”.

One important thing is that, usually, as the difference in “levels” or positions grows, the feeling commonly is better. I mean, it’s great to be recognized by your teammates, but it’s also great to be recognized by your manager. So if you are a manager please keep that in mind!

Written recognition

As your team becomes bigger or you start having more teams it could be hard to give public recognitions in a face-to-face way every day, so there are some apps like Recognitions for Confluence Cloud that can help you to track the recognitions in your team or in your organization.

Recognitions published available for the Confluence users

Some advantages of written recognitions are that the moment will be recorded there for the future, could be easily related to a company value or you could even assign e-points to gain gifts (depending on the app that you are using).

1 on 1 recognition

In case speaking in front of your team or publishing written things is not your way, you can always have a 1 on 1 conversation with the person that you want to recognize. Ad the end, an honest “Thank you” is one of the best things that a person can hear.

We hope you enjoyed this article and find some good tips to start recognizing people in your team. Always remember: recognition matters!

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